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am currently taking a real estate class at CRC and needed to interview a property manager. I called Advantage Property Management & Real Estate. George was ready to help and be interviewed right then and there. He was very open and willing to share his knowledge of property management services. Also, he is well versed in local and government regulations. He knows the ins and outs of his responsibilities as a property manager for his company. I would recommend his services to any property owner seeking property management with real experience.


Nhia Xiong

I met a gentleman named George who walked me though a property that turned out to not be in my budget, however weeks later I contacted George and he informed me of another property not far from the original that I looked at. George was precise and professional when telling me the first house wouldn't work but had an alternative. When I moved in the house I am currently still in and this year makes 8 years I have NOT had any issues that either George has not resolved or given me permission to resolve. George has shown himself to be honest and trustworthy and I plan to continue renting from him for years to come and possible purchasing a property from him as well.
Thank you George, for all the years of continued professionalism and stability you and Advantage property have provided to my family and I.
Best regards;
Joe M


Joe Barnett